How it Works

ECO2® – CO2

Capture Powerspan’s ECO2 process can be installed following conventional SO2 scrubbing technology, such as a limestone forced-oxidation SO2 scrubber, or following Powerspan’s ECO® or ECO-SO2 multi-pollutant control technologies.

Power Plant with ECO2 System Installed

Powerspan’s ECO2 technology is a post-combustion CO2 capture process that uses a proprietary solvent to remove 90% or more of the CO2 in the flue gas of a coal-fired electric power plant. The CO2 scrubber, a packed absorber tower, is installed between the plant’s SO2 scrubber and the stack. Once the CO2 is absorbed, the solution containing CO2 is regenerated through heating to release the captured carbon dioxide. The product CO2 is then in a form that is ready for compression, pipeline transport, and sequestration.

Download a PDF of the ECO2 process flow or a PDF of the ECO-SO2 and ECO2 process flow here.

Powerspan’s ECO2 technology is a thermal swing absorption-regeneration process for CO2 capture. CO2 absorption into the solvent takes place at temperatures similar to those used in wet flue gas scrubbing systems. The solvent is then heated to release the CO2. The process is similar to other post-combustion CO2 capture technologies. Common to thermal swing absorption processes are the following key steps:

  • CO2 is absorbed in a solution through flue gas–solution contact
  • The solution is heated for regeneration
  • CO2 is released from the heated solution
  • The solution is cooled for reuse