ECO2 – CO2 Capture


Overview & Advantages

90% CO2 Capture for Existing and New Coal-Fired Power Plants.
Pilot scale facility at FirstEnergy’s R.E. Burger Plant.

Powerspan’s proprietary ECO2 carbon dioxide capture process can be applied to both existing and new coal-fired electric power plants to capture 90 percent CO2 from the flue gas. The process is designed as an add-on system that could be deployed when needed. The ECO2 process can be installed following a conventional SO2 scrubbing technology, such as a limestone forced-oxidation SO2 scrubber, or can be installed downstream of Powerspan’s ECO or ECO-SO2 multi-pollutant control technologies. 

From December 2008 through 2010 Powerspan tested its ECO2 process at its one megawatt (1-MWe) pilot facility at FirstEnergy Corp.’s R.E. Burger Plant near Shadyside, Ohio. During extended runs, the pilot facility averaged greater than 90 percent CO2 capture at design gas flow rate and inlet CO2 conditions with net regeneration energy less than reported for other post combustion capture technologies. The ECO2 carbon capture pilot facility employs the same type of equipment that will be used in commercial systems.   

As demonstrated by testing at Powerspan’s ECO2 pilot facility, the advantages of the ECO2 technology result in lower costs, less waste, and a simpler system to operate and maintain.

  • Proprietary ECO2 solvent has lowest reported regeneration energy, which minimizes losses to plant efficiency.
  • ECO2 solvent is very stable, with near zero losses from thermal and oxidative degradation. Results in lower capital costs as the absorber does not need a water wash and an associated waste processing system. Also minimizes losses of expensive solvent.
  • ECO2 solvent allows for the capture of contaminants such as SO2, SO3, and NO2 with minimal losses of solvent during the reclaim process. This allows in most cases for ECO2 installation downstream of an existing SO2 wet or dry scrubber without adding a polishing scrubber.
  • ECO2 process and equipment has been successfully demonstrated on an existing coal-fired power plant, one of the few technologies to have achieved this significant milestone.

In early 2010, WorleyParsons Group Inc. performed an assessment of the design, operation, and performance of the ECO2 pilot unit, and of the implications of test results from the ECO2 pilot for new and retrofitted coal-fired power plants (200 MW and larger units). 

Our ECO2 technology can be integrated with either our ECO® or ECO-SO2 multi-pollutant control technology. Click here for an overview of Powerspan's technologies. 

For more information on ECO2, see the PDFs below and visit our ECO2 How it Works page:
ECO-SO2 & ECO2 Simplified Diagram  
ECO-SO2 & ECO2 Process Flow

ECO2 Carbon Capture Pilot
ECO2 Carbon Capture Pilot Facility 

Click here for more information on our ECO2 carbon capture pilot with FirstEnergy.