Technology Overview

Carbon Capture-Ready Multi-Pollutant Control and Carbon Capture Solutions to Meet Requirements Today and in the Future

Powerspan offers advanced, air pollution control solutions for existing and new coal-fired power plants and large, industrial applications that rely on coal for their operation or electricity generation. Our solutions offer lower cost, higher performance, and are aimed at future requirements, not those of the past.

We provide proprietary multi-pollutant control technology, with or without nitrogen oxide (NOX) control, and carbon dioxide (CO2) capture technology with the following solutions:

Key advantages of our ECO and ECO-SO2 multi-pollutant control solutions are:

  • Reduced cost
  • Higher performance
  • Reduced water usage
  • Produces valuable fertilizer co-product that is sold in agricultural markets, instead of flue gas desulfurization waste requiring landfill disposal
  • Potential to add our CO2 capture system when needed

Key advantages of our ECO2 carbon dioxide capture process are:

  • Suitability for existing and new pulverized coal-fired power plants
  • Can be installed following conventional SO2 scrubbing technology, such as a limestone forced-oxidation SO2 scrubber, or following Powerspan’s ECO or ECO-SO2 multi-pollutant control technologies
  • 90% capture
  • Reduced cost
  • Reduced energy requirements
  • Generates pipeline quality CO2
  • ECO2 process and equipment have been successfully demonstrated on an existing coal-fired power plant, one of the few technologies to have achieved this significant milestone

At Powerspan we invest considerably in Research and Development, and we work in close collaboration with our customers to ensure our development efforts result in scalable, reliable, cost-effective solutions.

ECO - NOx, SO2, Hg, PM Removal

For more information on ECO, see the PDFs below and visit our ECO How it Works page.

ECO Simplified Diagram 
ECO Process Flow

ECO - SO2 - SO2, Hg, PM Removal

For more information on ECO-SO2, see the PDFs below and visit our ECO-SO2 How it Works page.

ECO-SO2 Simplified Diagram
ECO-SO2 Process Flow

ECO2 - CO2 Capture

For more information on ECO2, see the PDFs below and visit our ECO2 How it Works page:
ECO-SO2 & ECO2 Simplified Diagram  
ECO-SO2 & ECO2 Process Flow