ECO2 Pilot Facility at Coal-Fired Plant


Project Partner  FirstEnergy Corp.
Plant R.E. Burger Plant
Size 1-MW slipstream from a 156-MW unit
Location Shadyside, Ohio
Technology ECO2
Amount of CO2 Capture     Designed for 20 tons per day; >25 tons CO2 per day achieved
Type of CO2 Storage N/A – Sequestration-ready
Online Dates December 2008 – December 2010




Commissioning was completed and testing began at the ECO2® pilot facility in December 2008. The ECO2 pilot was designed as a one megawatt (1-MWe) slipstream drawn from the outlet of the 50-MW Burger Plant ECO unit. Improvements to the pilot increased the throughput to 3,500 scfm (1.3 MWe) and capture to greater than 25 tons CO2 per day.

During extended runs, the pilot facility averaged greater than 90% CO2 capture from inlet gas containing 11-12% CO2. The product CO2 was purified to meet industrial pipeline specifications using equipment that is part of the pilot installation. The pilot facility has demonstrated that it can adapt to the normal changes of an operating power plant, a necessary step in moving toward commercial scale systems. The results indicate that the ECO2 process economics will be attractive for new and retrofit installations.

In December 2010, global engineering firm WorleyParsons Group Inc. conducted a detailed assessment of the ECO2 pilot test facility and evaluated the technology’s readiness for commercial deployment on existing coal-fired electric power plants.


Powerspan’s ECO2 pilot system at FirstEnergy’s R.E. Burger Plant. The pilot unit draws flue gas downstream of our 50-MW ECO multi-pollutant control unit.