ECO Commercial Unit at Coal-Fired Plant


Project Partner  FirstEnergy Corp.
Plant R.E. Burger Plant
Size 50-MW unit
Location Shadyside, Ohio
Technology ECO (has also been operated in ECO-SO2 configuration)
Emissions Removal SO2, NOX, oxidized mercury, fine particulate matter
Annual Amount of CO2 Capture N/A
Type of CO2 Storage N/A
Online Dates February 2004 – December 2010




The 50-MW ECO® unit was built at FirstEnergy’s R.E. Burger Plant, which is situated on a 100-acre site in southeastern Ohio on the Ohio River. The ECO unit was designed and constructed to utility standards and has processed flue gas from high sulfur Ohio coals, and blends of Eastern bituminous and Powder River Basin coals. Its key features include:

  • 110,000 scfm (50-MW) slipstream from a 156-MW front wall boiler
  • Positioned downstream of a dry electrostatic precipitator (ESP)
  • Stand-alone tower design with integrated wet ESP
  • PLC controlled and fully compatible with the plant’s control system
  • Separate input and output CEMS (NOX, SOX, Hg, NH3, opacity, hydrocarbons)
  • Metering and recording of incoming power

In 2005, a 180-day performance and reliability test of our ECO unit was initiated and successfully completed. The ECO unit met commercial performance objectives and demonstrated the capability to control outlet emissions to best available control technology standards.

Also in 2005 the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) commissioned the engineering firm, Burns & McDonnell, to perform a process reliability analysis for full-scale applications of the ECO technology at coal-fired power plants. The analysis performed was similar to those conducted for conventional pollution control equipment. The results of the reliability study predicted better than 99 percent availability of the ECO equipment (at least as reliable as conventional pollution control equipment).

The ECO project was jointly funded by Powerspan, FirstEnergy, and the Ohio Coal Development Office.  Along with Powerspan, the project team included:

  • FirstEnergy — site, all plant connections, and utility services
  • Wheelabrator Air Pollution Control  (now part of Siemens Environmental Systems and Services) — design of scrubbing tower and overall system design, procurement, and construction management
  • Fluor Power — specialized services such as schedule review, commissioning, and rigging consulting
  • The Andersons, Inc. — fertilizer co-product removal, marketing, and sales



Powerspan’s 50-MW ECO Unit at FirstEnergy’s R.E. Burger Plant in Shadyside, Ohio.  Also shown is a pilot system of Powerspan’s ECO2 carbon capture process.


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FirstEnergy ECO2 Pilot Unit Burger Plant - ECO2 Pilot Installation 

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