Below are terms relating to the electric power industry, R&D, engineering, and government used on our website, in technical papers, and throughout the air pollution control industry.



ACFM Actual cubic feet per minute
AE Architect Engineer
ANPR Advance notice of proposed rule-making
BACT Best available control technology
CAFE Corporate Average Fuel Economy
CAIR Clean Air Interstate Rule
CAMR Clean Air Mercury Rule
CCPI Clean Coal Power Initiative
CCS Carbon capture and storage or sequestration
CHP Combined heat and power
CO2 Carbon dioxide
CPM Condensable particulate matter
CRADA Cooperative research and development agreement
Discreet emission reduction credit
DOE Department of Energy
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
EPC Engineering, procurement and construction
ERC Emission reduction credit
ESP Electrostatic precipitator
FAP Flexible air permit
FGD Flue gas desulfurization
FOA Funding opportunity announcement
GCCI Global Climate Change Initiative
GPM Gallons per minute
GWP Global warming potential
IOU Investor owned utility
ITC Investment tax credit
LAER Lowest achievable emission rate
LBM Pounds per mass or pounds per meter
LNB Low NOx burner
MEA Monoethanolamine
MMV Measuring, monitoring and verification
MOU Memorandum of understanding
NAAQS National ambient air quality standards
NEIP National Emissions Inventory Plan
NETL National Energy Technology Laboratory
NOx Nitrogen oxide
NSPS New source performance standards
NSR New source review
OE Owner’s Engineer
OFA Over-fired air
PM Particulate matter
PM2.5 Fine particulate matter, less than 2.5 microns
POU Publicly-owned utilities
PPMV Parts per million by volume
PSD Prevention of significant deterioration (air quality)
PTC Production tax credit
Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership
Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
Standard cubic feet per minute
Selective catalytic reduction
SIP State implementation plan
SO2 Sulfur dioxide
Thermal swing absorption
VOC Volatile organic compound
WCI Western Climate Initiative
WESP Wet electrostatic precipitator
WFGD Wet flue gas desulfurization



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